The greatest recognition of our produce quality has always been the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers – and this will never change. However, as greater emphasis is placed on eating ‘the best’ local food, we wanted to reassure our clientele further by entering key industry awards, including the prestigious Scottish Craft Butcher Awards. As you can see below we have not been disappointed.


list of awards


Great Taste Awards 2019

1 Star – Homecured Belhaven Smoked Pancetta
1 Star – Belhaven Smoked Homecured Bacon

Scottish Craft Butchers Scottish Black Pudding Championship 2018-19

Scottish Champion
Area (South East Scotland) Champion

2019 Pork Product Evaluation Awards (Make it with Pork Awards 2019)

Gold – Saltire Pork Pillow, Black Pudding, Bramley Apple Sauce, Pancetta
Silver – Pork Pocket with Black Pudding, Beetroot, Pancetta

2019 Haggis Innovation Awards (Make it with Haggis Awards 2019)

Gold – Partridge, Haggis, Date, Pancetta Parcel
Silver – Rose Veal, Haggis Parcel with Cashew & Tomato Pancetta
Silver – Balmoral Bake

Scottish Craft Butchers Awards 2019

Diamond – Speciality Pie
Gold – Speciality Pie
Silver – Mince Round
Silver – Traditional Steak Pie

Scottish Craft Butchers Awards 2018

Diamond – Belhaven Smoked Homecured Pancetta
Gold – Belhaven Smoked Homecured Bacon
Gold – Speciality Sausage
Silver – Speciality Sausage
Silver – Gluten Free Steak Burger, Venison Burger, Thai Turkey Burger, Steak Burger

Scottish Craft Butchers Traditional Steak Pie Awards 2019

Silver – Traditional Steak Pie

Scottish Craft Butchers Savoury Pastry Awards 2018

Gold – Chicken, Leek & Bacon Pie
Silver – Steak & Haggis Pie
Silver – Game Pie
Silver – Scotch Pie
Silver – Sausage Roll

Scottish Craft Butchers Bacon & Bacon Product Awards 2018-19

Diamond – Belhaven Smoked Homecured Pancetta

Scottish Craft Butchers Speciality Sausage Awards 2018-19

Gold – Game Sausage
Silver – South African Boerewors
Silver – The North Berwick Sausage

Oban Winter Festival 2018

People Choice Award for Haggis – Runners Up

Scottish Craft Butchers Speciality Pie Awards 2017

2017 – Silver – Game Pie
2019 – Scottish Champion – Luxury Venison Pie

Scottish Craft Butchers Traditional Steak Pie Awards 2017

Silver – Traditional Steak Pie